Apr 29, 2010

Stella and her Fella

Close up on the couple

#13 Stella and her Fella gets Wed! (Set is $60)

Stella holds her bouquet, customize to your color, rhinestoned earings and bracelet, glitzy shimmer wedding gown. Fella has one hand in coat pocket and other down by side, customize your color.

This set is a hand painted wine glass.The bride is the girlz that are glued on with a special adhesive. So the moto is hand painted means hand wash ONLY!

$25.00 special order available

email me at thevinogirls@yahoo.com
with the following:

*hair color
*hair style
*skin color
*dress color
*lip color
*flowers(red bouquet)
*free personalized name
*when order is needed by

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