Jun 13, 2010

1 Shot 2 tie you over!

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1 shot 2 tie you over!

1 shot 2 tie you over!

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Shot glass reads" 1 shot 2 tie you over!" For the man that loves neck ties this is the shot for him. There are 4 ties painted on the glass.

This shot glass is hand made with much attention to detail, hand painted and then baked to ensure paint longevity, over a 2-3 day period.

Beautiful yet Fragile, these glasses are not recommended for freezer or dishwasher. Please take care when hand washing with a soft sponge!

Free personalizing with a name or saying on glass.

Please note all orders are custom so please allow 7-14 days for shipment.
I made this for my sons teacher mr. Buss, he is the best teacher that we have ever had! Thank you Mr. Buss for everything that you have done for Cameron.... we appreciate everything!

hand painted shot glass

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