Jul 24, 2010


I had a lady ask me if I could make her some glasses because her and her girlfriends, that she hasn't seen in a year, where going to go see the movie "sex and the city" and she wanted them to have (.Y.) that 's right...she asked me to add the girls! So, they were going to meet in the movie theater and she brought them there glasses and they loved them! Poor girly..I felt so bad for her because after a few days went by she went to pick up her glass and dropped it. So she called me and I made her a new one!!! On that note....Eat, drink and ALWAYS be girly!

These girls are hand painted with the
girlz that are
glued on with a special adhesive.
So the moto is hand painted means hand wash ONLY!

$25.00 special order available

email me at
with the following:

*hair color(dark brown)
*hair style
*skin color
*dress color(hot pink, black belt, sexy legs)
*lip color(hot luscious lips)
*free personalized name
*when order is needed by

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