Sep 18, 2010

Wanda the WOW witch...$25

Wanda the WOW Witch hand painted halloween wine glass is made ready for the holidays. Wonda is taking flight on her broom. But she's not alone she has sammy the (boy) spider on the back and sabrina the (girl) spider on the bottom. Sammy has left a few webs behind and Sabrina is sitting on her web. This hand painted halloween wine glass can be made custom to your hair color. Wanda has a sexy garter on her leg and high black boots. With swaroski rhinestones on her neck on her choker, bracelet, and on the witches hat. You can purchase it on my web site click herehand painted Halloween glassware, hand painted Halloween wine glass, hand painted wine glasses, hand painted devil wine glass, hand painted Halloween devil glass, hand made glassware, hand made wine glasses,, Halloween glasses, Halloween favors, wedding favors, glasses, drinking glasses, custom glasses, hand painted glasses, holiday glasses, holiday, Halloween, wine glasses, crafty glasses, craft, I like it hot, bats, Halloween bats, Halloween spiders, eyes, hottie, holiday hottie, hand wash hand painted glasses, if the broom fits, spiders, fake spiders, cute spiders, Halloween spiders

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