Jan 24, 2011

Jeannie martini

I had an order for a martini glass for a birthday. She is a martini drinker and I am always told, " Do what you what think will look good, I HAVE TRUST IN YOU"!! I hear these words quite often. It is very nice when so many of you have such great confidence in me. And then I start to think what would she like how is her hair. And when my master piece is done, it is all worth it! My customers are ALWAYS  extatic and the words that seem to come out of there  mouth is, "WOW! Shannon you seem to AMAZE ME." So for this glass she was so pleased and sent me a picture and her messsage.....

"Once again you out did yourself Shannon. Thank  you so much I will be calling you to place MY order Thnx. Hmm who will be next?:)" 

and she did !

To order this glass you can find it here

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