Jan 31, 2011


   Well, I got an email last week and responding back to it I thought OK another order add it to the waiting list. But when they wanted 300 HAND PAINTED glasses. Yes that's right 300 glasses. I was like holy cow. And then there budget was $10 a glass. Oh my that is $3000!!! Yikes!!!!! At first i was so excited. Then I thought shoot how in the world am I ever going to be able to get all of these done when i am already SO BOOKED with orders. So after my 4th email in to the bride and groom. I had to say I am so sorry that I wont be able to do it. (TRUST ME MY ♥ WAS BREAKING I HATE TO TURN A CUSTOMER AWAY) And then they came back to me with, "well how about instead, 60 of your last fling before the ring". Um and those are $30 each. WOW!!!! So I have been sitting on it and haven't decided what i am going to do. WoWSER!!!!! I do feel soooooooooooooooo honored. And then I have gotten 3 emails just this week and we are only on Monday so that is not many days yet till the end and those emails are from different people asking ?? about my product and defining to me how exquisite and talented and how beautiful my product is!!! The 1 thing I cant express enough is.....THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND THOUGHTS, PRAYERS FOR ME AND CONTINUED SUPPORT IN MY BUSINESS!!!! IT MEANS THE ABSOLUTE WORLD TO ME. AND i JUST CANT SEEM TO THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!!!

aNd I wILL FoR SuRe nOw HaVe To dRiNk To ThAt!!!!

                           MUAH SEALED WITH A KISS!!!

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